Wellington's original hot yoga studio

Originally known as Bikram Yoga Wellington, our Studio is founded on the Bikram Yoga method and the majority of our classes, are the original 90 minute Bikram Yoga sequence. The lineage of Bikram Yoga can be traced back to the early 1900s to a yogi named Paramahansa Yogananda. Yogananda was one of the first yogis to travel to the West and introduce the concept of yoga, and remains to this day, one of the most well-respected yogis of our modern times. His younger brother, Bishnu Ghosh carried on his brother’s work and was Bikram Choudhury’s guru and mentor. The postures and breathing exercises that we practice today, are foremost Hatha Yoga postures. Traditionally Hatha Yoga was used as part of a holistic health plan, where specific postures were prescribed to treat specific health concerns. Bikram Choudhury recognised that this practice couldn’t be sustained in the West and developed the sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises which we know today as Bikram Yoga.


Our Wellington yoga studio offers facilities for making hot drinks, reading, and chatting.

Chill Out Zone

We have a great chill out zone for before and after class. Tea making facilities and plenty of books on yoga in case you need a little inspiration. Our Teachers are always available for a chat before and after class.

Purpose Built

Our Studio is purpose-built and recently refurbished. It is heated with radiant heat panels, a fresh air circulation system which maintains appropriate heat and humidity levels, hygienic non-slip vinyl floor and ceiling to floor mirrors, all making it the perfect practice space.
We have designed our yoga studio for comfort and peace.

Changing Rooms

We offer separate male, female and disabled changing spaces with full shower facilities. Our male and female changing rooms have storage space, hairdryers and are equipped with fresh filtered water taps.


We have the latest in yoga gear (clothing, towels and water bottles). We also sell a choice of snacks and drinks to top up your electrolytes after class.
We have clean changing facilities in our yoga studio.

Free Parking

There is 90 minutes free parking outside the Studio with Wilson Parking. We recommend that you Pay & Display for an additional 30 to 60 minutes. To do this, place your parking ticket with a Yoga for the People brochure (available at reception) on your dashboard.


We make it easy to practice by offering you a mat and towel hire service. We also have blocks and straps available and you can rent a pole and leave your mat, so it’s always ready when you are.
"Love this studio! I was a complete beginner and super injured.. the amazing instructors got me healthy and healed."
Ashela Webb
"Great hard workout to focus the mind on breathing, improve the body for sport and practicing dentistry!!"
John Burton
"I enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of the practice and feel great after class. Yoga helps me see things in perspective - that everything is impermanent and will pass."
Fiona Alexander
"The yoga has really helped me with my strength and flexibility...and mentally I feel sooo relaxed when I come out of class."
Ruckus O’Rourke

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